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2007-8-7 16:45:35

(former Nanhai Shuitou Hot-Dip Galvanizing Factory), is a large professional hot-dip galvanizing company in the mainland of China.
Through years of development, the company now occupies an area of 15,000m², covers a building area of 6,000m² and owns 3 galvanizing workshops, 4 galvanizing bath, 1 comprehensive workshop (equipped with two 200-ton hydraulic straightening machines), 1 maintenance workshop, 1 diesel engine generator, 1 medium-sized waste water processing mill (joint-stock). The 2 largest galvanizing bath: Among 1 bath is 13 meters in length, 2 meters in width, 3.2 meters in depth, and holds zinc bath of 430 tons. The other one is 8.5 meters in length, 2.3 meters in width, 3.2 meters in depth, and holds zinc bath of 450 toms. The company has a capacity to make an annual output of over 50 thousand tons.
The standard HOT-DIP galvanizing technology has been adopted by our company. Prior to galvanizing, the fabricated articles were degreased by hot alkali solutions and pickled by hydrochloric acid to remove organic contamination and rust on them. The two processing treatments have guaranteed the surfaces of the articles to be clean. The fluxing process in which zinc ammonium chloride is used can make the articles surface in good condition, thereby, can make liquid zinc and steel well be combined, in addition causes less fume. The dry galvanizing process at low immersion temperature, which is commonly used in the world, has been applied. Moreover, the cranes with adjustable lift velocity have been installed to withdraw the articles from zinc bath, which can reduce the deformation of galvanized articles and get brighter and smoother coating. Furthermore, the galvanized articles are repaired and straightened carefully, which ensures the good quality of the products.
Our products include not only large galvanized fabricated articles but also small galvanized hardware such as bolts and nuts. The technology of high-temperature galvanizing and removing extra zinc by explosion is applied in the process of galvanizing bolts and nuts. In this way, the galvanized bolts and nuts are smoother and more even, and can be fastened tightly on objects without mechanical repair.
Our company is Chinese society for corrosion and protection(CSCP) associator, has been certified by the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Standards of Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, acknowledged by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Qualified HOT-DIP Galvanizing Supplier, received certificate authorized by the Communication Ministry of China. These certifications show that our products are guaranteed to be well qualified.
We have a 50-ton vehicle electronic balance and many large vehicles to deliver goods for customers.
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