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2007-5-24 16:28:05
Brief Introduction:
Being built in 1997, Chengdu Siyou Hot-Dip Galvanizing Co., LTD is a professional hot-dip galvanizing company, member of ISO9001-2002 quality system attestation and has gained “the eligible certificate for manufacture and installation of traffic project products”, which was issued by the Chinese Traffic Ministry. Production: 5’000t/year. Has 30’000m2.
Main Equipments:
Zinc basin: 10.5×1.2×1.6m(original); 13.5×1.53×2.3(new),
MDL plate-type resistance-heating Galvanizing furnace,
Constant temperature system of Galvanizing furnace with automatic control by micro-computer monitoring equipment,
3 Waste water systems, which make all the waste water circular using after treatment,
Japanese galvanizing technical equipment and European galvanizing technical equipment are adopted at the same time.
Galvanizing main products:
Electrical power steel tower and ironware, railway fence, sign pole, steel pole used in electric railway contacting net, city light pole, cable bridge-frame, unregulated steel board used in construction, bridge board, tower crane, shell of dry cleaning machine, steel tube, profiled bar, C profiled bar and some other steel structures. The quality of the products has achieved the national and international standard.
Main projects:
Hot-dip galvanizing of the strobe in Pakistan large-scale water conservancy power plant which was built by China;
Hot-dip galvanizing of the Cambodia steel bridge board which was aided by the U.N;
Appointed hot-dip galvanizing accompany for 5m rolling mill by Baoji Steel company ;
Appointed hot-dip galvanizing company by Intel Chengdu manufacture base.
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